Meditech Central Monitoring System Software V3.0 the monitor assistant has some functions below:
Up to 64 bedside monitors connectable
Display of holographic waveforms of the view bed of single bedside monitor; display of ECG.RESP.CO2.PLETH IBP waveforms and so on.               
alarm manage: parameter alarm events for each bedside monitor; S-T segment alarm events; arrhythmia alarm events
Alarm prompt modes :sound and light wave.
Storage and review of 24-hour and 64-lead holographic waveforms 
Storage and review of up to 240-hour trend data for each bedside monitor
Storage and review of u to 720-item alarm events for each bedside monitor
Review of five parameters and 6 minutes short trend for each bedside monitor
All the review information will be stored under off-state
Display of continuous multi-lead ECG and single-lead arrhythmia analysis for each bedside monitor.
Trend records and alarm records can be output according to certain format.
Patient information management: receive cancel input and educe
10000 history patient information management: inquire scan maintain.
Central Monitoring System gather function: relying on the data transmission the system has the capability that in different position could simultaneously monitor the bedside monitors in the courtyard
All-round system help information including operation guide of this system and bedside monitor.  
Multi-language display interface
Support screen (dual- screen display)laser printer and sound output equipment
Support keyboard and mouse input

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