NIBP reusable cuff

Reusable NIBP Cuff

These NIBP reusable cuff are made by using very high quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end.they are widely finds its applications in various medical sectors.
  TPU blaader,strong enough for repeated inflation,can be inflated for more than 80000 under the  pressure of 500 mmHg.
  Convenient and easy to clean by warm water
  Easy to adjust the measurement range accordingly
  Variety of connection types to fit multiple monitoring systems

Recomment to use:

  • Adult (26-35cm)
  • Small adult (18-26cm)
  • Pediatric (13-20cm)
  • Infant (8-14cm)

Available Sizes:

NIBP Cuff (infant 8 - 14 cm 5/Bag)

NIBP Cuff (Child 13 - 20 cm 5/Bag)
NIBP Cuff (Small Adult 18 - 26 cm 5/Bag)
NIBP Cuff (Adult 26 - 35 cm 5/Bag)
NIBP Cuff (Adult Long 29 - 38 cm 5/Bag)
NIBP Cuff (Large Adult 32 - 42 cm 5/Bag)
NIBP Cuff (Large Adult Long 35 - 44 cm 5/Bag)
NIBP Cuff (Thigh 42 - 50 cm)

Replacement tubing(air hose) for sphygmomanometers,wall manometers,aneroid gauges,and automateed blood pressure systems.
Good current nature,steady quality,meet the medical standard strictly.
Soft and flexible "PU" material

Disposable NIBP Cuff