Meditech AED Defibrillator pad

Meditech Defibrillator pad features include:
AED Pads

Multifunction Defibrillation Electrodes 
are designed for the use of external defibrillation, non-invasive pacing, synchronized cardioversion and monitoring on adults and children weighing more than 20 kg (55 lbs).
The adhesion ensures skin contact, minimal impedance and is gentle to the patient’s skin.
water absorption of the gel
adhesion on perspiring skin
utilisation of minimal thickness layers of materials increases flexibility
maximum contact area means minimum impedance values and in addition reduces thermical and mechanical exposure of the skin
Overlapping Gel: This unique technology minimizes the risk of burns because of:
elimination of tin edge exposure
better current distribution
minimized flashover
minimized edge effect
Multifunction: Continuity of patient care eliminates replacing the electrodes between developing stages of the patient’s treatment
Shelf Life: 36 months
Quality Assurance: Each set is subject to 100% test and inspection before packaging
Clearly Printed Instructions: Instructions are clearly printed in two colours (green, black) on the electrodes for correct placement
Quick'n'Easy: Extended Liner designed specifically for quick and easy removal and application