The Ultrasound Probe for Medical use

Abdominal probe, convex array probe (3.5MHz) are mainly used for abdominal organs such as liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, etc., obstetrics, gynecology, urinary system and ascites, pelvic effusion, pleural effusion and other inspections.

Linear probe:
Superficial probe and linear array probe (7.5MHz) are mainly used for subcutaneous tissue detection, thyroid, breast, neck blood vessels, limb blood vessels, musculoskeletal and other aspects.
Trans vaginal probe:
The vaginal ultrasound probe and cavity probe (6.5MHz) are mainly used for gynecological detection, do not need to hold back urination, and the effect is better than the abdominal probe.

Micro-convex probe:
(5.0MHz) is mainly used for children's detection, and can be used as a basic heart exam