ETCO2 Low Flow Side stream Module


The Meditech MD-ET5 ,ETCO2 module

 It is Low Flow Side stream Module. The new design is easier to match with monitor or anesthesia machine. The user just need to fix a 8-pin Lemo socket in the panel of the host, and connect the power of the host and dataline to an electrical outlet. This design will make maintenance much convenient. The MD-ET5 output parameters include real time CO2 concentration, respiration rate, end-tidal CO2, inspired CO2, The MD-ET5 module includes a miniature CO2 sensor, barometric pressure transducer, sampling flow control and a miniature low-power vacuum pump. The MD-ET5 can measure atmospheric pressure automatically, and has pressure compensated function. The host sends commands and receives waveform, breath parameters and command responses on two asynchronous serial data lines (TTL or RS232 level). 

   Best performance price ratio around the world. The price is clearly lower than other similar module and the performance is better than them. 
   Better stability. Better design can wipe off the excursion from temperature, pressure and inconsistent component.
   Provide 12inches Gas drier line. This Gas drier line can reuse for a one year.
   Better communication interface. TTL or RS232 level can be choose
      by customer.
   Better policy of after service. Manufacturer promises that the module can be replaced by a new one if it is not damaged by manmade in one year. 
   Longer life. Using longlife IR source (100 thousand hours life).
   The communication protocol of MD-ET3 is compatible with Respironics/Philips or CPT. 

Transducer Type Sidestream CO2 module
Principle of Operation Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics,  dual wavelength, no moving parts
Initialization Time Capnogram, displayed in less than 10 seconds at  an ambient temperatureof 25℃, full specifications  within 2 minutes
CO2 Range 0% to 20%, 0 to 152 mmHg Barometric Pressure supplied by module itself
Rise Time 28 ms (typical) for detector 200ms (typical) for system (Dependent Upon  Implementation, Pneumatics and Water Separation  Technique)
CO2 Resolution 0.1 mmHg, 0 to 50 mmHg;  0.2 mmHg, 51 to 100 mmHg;  0.4mmHg, 101 to 152 mmHg
CO2 Accuracy 0 to 40 mmHg       ±2 mmHg 41 to 70 mmHg      ±5% of reading 71 to 100 mmHg     ±8% of reading 101 to 152 mmHg    ±10% of reading
Breath Rate 2-150 BPM
Respiration Rate Accuracy ±1 breath
Compensations Barometric Pressure auto compensated from 400 mmHg  to 850 mmHg Operator selectable O2, N2O, HE and Agent compensation.
Calibration No routine user calibration required. An offset calibration  will run automatically when the ambient temperature is not stable.
Sampling line Nasal sampling line or extension sampling line 
Water Separation gas dryer line
Input Voltage 5.00 Volts (±5%)
Power Consumption 500mW (typical with pump on) 1600mW (extreme status)
Warm-up Time 10 seconds
Interface Highly configurable serial digital interface(TTL/RS232), CO2 and barometric waveform data, Breath  Detect Algorithm data
Pneumatics On-board aspiration pump and flow controller  Configurable aspiration flows 50 to 250 ml/min (±10%)
Temperature and Humidity Operating: 0 to 50ìC, 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing Storage: -40 to 70ìC, <90% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions 77mm*52mm*28mm
Weight < 98 grams
Interconnection Standard Lemo Redel 8-pin plastic Material PSU Note: Pin out:1 VA 5.0V; 2 Shield Shield; 3 DGND Digital return; 4 VA 5.0V; 5 TxD Serial data from the Module; 6 RxD Serial data from Host; 
7 AGND Analog return; 8 NC
1.Alarm Information
2.SD Card Status Symbol:
  If this symbol is shown, which indicates the system has detected the SD card successfully. Otherwise, the system has not detected the SD card.
3.CO2 Pump Status Symbol:
  This symbol indicates that the CO2 pump is on. If the system doesn’t show this symbol, which says the CO2 pump is off or faulty.
4.Alarm Speaker Status Symbol:
  Alarm speaker is suspended. 
  Alarm speaker is off. 
  Alarm system is suspended. 
5.Battery Status Symbol
6.System Time
7.Real-time Physiological Parameters
8.Parameter in Alarm Status
9.CO2 waveform 50 and 78 reference lines.
10.Real-time Waveforms