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Meditech Group has been involved in innovating, manufacturing and marketing medical equipment since 1998, It has 

Meditech Products Trade mark

developed a wide selection of products including

ECG machine, Multi-parameter Patient Monitor. Fetal Doppler ,Fetal Monitor, Visual Electronic stethoscope, Finger Pulse Oximeter, Ultrasound scanners , Blood pressure Monitor ,Spirometer ,ECG holter, Defibrillator.

Our strategy is to take a leadership position in this high-growth sector.


 iBreathe CP (CPAP)

iBreathe CP can measure leakage and automatically,its Easy to operate by one button operation
Intelligent pressure adjustment ,Advanced German blower

 iBreathe BP (BIPAP)
One button operation BIPAP with Automatic leak compensation to ensure that therapy

and auto altitude pressure compensation,have Micro SD card commun...

 iBreathe AC (Auto CPAP)

Sleep apnea auto cpap, 3.5 TFT display ,It has large memory .
iBreathe AC can auto-detect leak, and make compensation to ensure the pressure.

Full digital imaging Ultrasound Scanner with clear image
Sonoview PC based, abundant functions ,15 " color LCD screen ,Broadband multi-frequency probes

 EKG 100v

EKG100v is a quality single channel ECG, specifically for veterinary use, that is simple and easy to use.
Meditech Veterinary ECG machine lightweight, co...

Touch screen 5.1 inch color TFT,simple for operating handheld patient monitor.
5 standard parameters ECG,NIBP,SPO2,Pulse Rate and Temperature.comes with P...

 Sonovet ID

Sonovet-ID Newest veterinary ultrasound scanner with RFID technology handheld ultrasound scanner 6"color Display

12.1-inch screen modular Patient monitor,true color,wide viewing angle, high brightness LCD display

-Display interface is simple and convenien...

Defi5 Automatic External Defibrillator "AED" is a safe, easy to use defibrillation device. The unit is lightweight and mobile and can be used in situations wher...

 Fluid Warmer
Fluid Warmer MD-T1 helps to decrease the temperature difference between the animal and the IV liquid. The animal needs less energy for maintaining his body temp...

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