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Meditech provides a comprehensive After-Sales Service system for all our warranted products. Customers are welcomed to contact us for any products¡¯ information or techinical enquiries. You may activate your Meditech products through ¡°Product Activation¡± on Meditech website. Our system will make the records of your products automatically and keep all the information in our data base. Any customers, who finish the activation on our website, will obtain a 6-month extension of the warranty period.

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Diagnostic ECG
Single Channel
6 Channel
12 Channel
Visual Stethoscope
Pulse Oximeter
LED Fingertip Oximeter
OLED Fingertip Oximeter
TFT Fingertip Oximeter
Handheld Pulse Oximeter
Multiparameter Monitor
5 inch Patient Monitor
8.4 inch Patient Monitor
12.1 inch Patient Monitor
15 inch Patient Monitor
Vital Sign Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
EtCO2 Monitor
Veterinary Equipment
Pulse Oximeter
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