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Sonovet palm veterinary ultrasound,weighting only 1.3KG,is distinguishable by its bright and clear image quality.The interchangeable probes offer a wide range of diagnostic applications. Light, Easy and more accurate diagnosis at the point of animal pregnancy at anytime, anywhere, for Vet hospital and outdoor.Battery powered veterinary ultrasound scanner is small and compact.

It is light, excellent for veterinary applications anywhere in the field. Very user friendly!


    • Monitor: 5.5 inch TFT Screen , (Option: 7 inch)
    • Image Procession: DFS, DRF, RDA, VGA/DSC and Image Post Procession
    • 256 frames for cine-memory
    • 64 image permanent storage
    • Full digital beam-forming technology
    • probe automatic identification
    • Gama correction,histogram
    • Scanning angle adjustment
    • USB 2.0For real-time picture uploading to PC
    • Scanning Method: Convex, Micro-convex, Linear, rectal
    • Display Mode: B,B+B,4B,B+M,M
    • Gray Scale: 256 levels
    • Image magnification: ×1.0, ×1.2, ×1.5, ×2.0 times
    • Characteristic showing in real-time clock, ID, Sex, Age, Focusing Info and Gain (Near, Far, Overall) info.
    • 4 focusing combination select-able
    • 4 different coded-color available
    • 15 difference kinds of body marks with difference calipers.
    • Measurement in Distance, Circumference/Area, Time/Heart Rate/EF rate for heart, and GS, CRL, BPD, HC, FL, AC for OB/GY measurement, and Gestational Age, Fetal weight, EDD calculation.
    • PC software to transfer images to the PC (option)
    • PAL-D output
    • Mouse interface

    Standard configuration:
     main unit + L60/6.5MHz rectal linear 

    1). R40/3.5MHz convex probe

    2). R20/5.0MHz micro-convex probe  

    3). L40/7.5MHz linear probe

    Palm Ultrasound Scanner

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