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Syringe Pump  
Syringe Pump MD910 is a kind of certain rate and constant volume micro syringe pump. It through microprocessors accurate control over precision stepper motor, produces horizontal movement thrust via mechanical driving devices to drive the piston rod of syringe.

The syringe pump has sensors which can accurately control the injection rate of disposable syringe and the injection process.


  • Audible and visual alarm for occlusion, empty, near empty, low battery, end of infusion, syringe loose, wrong setting etc
  • LCD Display, high capacity words, friendly user interface, dynamically display working status
  • Compatible with 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50/60ml syringe of any brands
  • Preset solution volume to greatly reduce the workload of nurses
  • Three work modes: Rate mode, Time Volume mode, Dosage Weight mode
  • Three levels of occlusion: high, medium and low
  • Purge and Bolus function
  • KVO (keep-vein-open) automatically opens as injection is completed, KVO rate is 1ml/h, also can be modified from 0.1ml/h to 10ml/h
  • Freely Stackable: freely stack one syringe pump onto another to provide multiple solutions, which have a wide range of clinical applications.
  • Connecting Port for Nurse-Paging
  • Power Source: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz; Internal Battery, DC11.1V car charge
  • One-key operation makes setup easy and simple
  • Syringe Plunger Grabble Detector, operable with one hand in a No-Germ Environment
  • Automatically record the settings for last infusion(MD910s have 2000 records)

  • Drug library is available according to customers requestMD910s

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