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Veterinary healthcare, specifically laboratory diagnostics, is growing year on

 year even in a down economy as result of increased pet ownership and increased spending on vet care.a

Servicing many of these needs are veterinary laboratories that rely on accurate and precise diagnostic testing. Meditech Veterinary is committed to providing a variety of veterinary immunoassays to serve this need. With thyroid disease accounting for the most common endocrine disorder in both dogs and cats, ensuring that the animals are diagnosed properly with the most reliable assays is critical. 


 EKG 100v

EKG100v is a quality single channel ECG, specifically for veterinary use, that is simple and easy to use.
Meditech Veterinary ECG machine lightweight, co...

 Sonovet ID
Sonovet-ID Newest veterinary ultrasound scanner with RFID technology handheld ultrasound scanner 6"color Display

 Fluid Warmer

Fluid Warmer MD-T1 helps to decrease the temperature difference between the animal and the IV liquid. The animal needs less energy for maintaining his body temp...

 Syringe Pump
Syringe Pump MD910 is a kind of certain rate and constant volume micro syringe pump. It through microprocessor¡¯s accurate control over precision stepper motor,...

 Defi Vet

Biphasic Technology
Charges up to 360 J in 10 Secs
Compact Design
Lightweight and easy to use

 Oxima2 Vet
Meditech offering highly efficient Tabletop Pulse Oximeter at reasonable price. Incorporating advanced technology, Tabletop Pulse Oximeter offers excellent perf...

 Capnoxi Vet

is an external plug and play sidestream EtCO2(End Tidal CO2) sensor. It does not occupy any host space and connects to host just with one eight-pin plug. Capnox...

 FOs2pro Veterinary
FOs2pro(V) veterinary pulse oximeter comes with Free Advanced Analysis Software. WHO(World Health Organization).

Meditech MD9000vet is a 12.1" color TFT patient monitor, can display 7 channels ECG by one frame. It has standard parameters of ECG, NIBP, RESP, digital SPO2, T...

 Dolphi Vet
Dolphi Vet ultrasound scanner Dolphi is designed for bedside use and emergency scanning or in a rescue situation,veterinary scanning.It delivers bright and clea...

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