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Nowadays, the ultrasound technology is widely acknowledged and adopted around the world.

Meditech Ultrasound Scanning Technology

 At Meditech we understand that an ultrasound scanner must be able to 

deliver advanced performance and be easy to use. That's why we are 

devoting ourselves to innovating ultrasound scanners that truly makes 

a difference in your daily work. From desktop (portable), trolley to the

 latest high-technology notebook ultrasound scanners, from Black/White 

to 2D, 3D, and the latest 4D, Meditech offers a wide selection of products 

for customers.  


 High freq Linear Probe

High frep Linear Probe

 Transvaginal Probe
Transvaginal Probe

 Micro convex probe

Micro convex probe

 Endorectal Probe
Endorectal Probe

 Rectal probe

Rectal Probe

 Printer Mitsubishi CP31W for Meditech Ultrasound Scanner
MitsubishiĄ¯s CP-31W for Meditech Ultrasound Scanner has taken medical imaging to a new level.It is equipped with high-performance DSP engine and a 423dpi therm...
 Printer Mitsubishi P93W for Meditech Ultrasound Scanner

Mitsubishi P-93W is a thermal printer for Meditech ultrasound Scanner, which has a high working speed and high resolution monochrome.

 SONY UP 20 Color Printer for Meditech Ultrasound Scanner
20 Color Printer used for Meditech Ultrasound Scanner is a new compact design, which allows for easy intergration with other video equipment.

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