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OxySoft ,Oximeter PC Software can real time monitor,review and analyse SpO2,pulse rate and perfusion index(need support of device).In real time mode, the software collect the data uploaded from pulse oximeter to monitor such parameters as SpO2, pulse rate and perfusion index "PI" In review analysis mode,it can review and analyse the stored data ,display analysis results and the trend charts.This manual will introduce all the features of the software and the detailed operation guidance.


  • Automatic scanning device, the user can connect the pulse oximeter device according to their own actual conditions.

  • Real time displaying the data uploaded from pulse oximeter,including waveform,trend,bar chart and parameter value.

  • With alarm prompt for the parameter value from pulse oximeter.

  • Freezing waveform, and reviewing the frozen waveforms by paging up or paging down.

  • Controlling pulse oximeter to send, delete the stored data in the device, and set the ID and synchronous device time .

  • With saving and altering user information function

  • Supporting the setup of user information and units, multi-language saving and changing.

  • Supporting data storage, review and analysis for up to 72 hours , showing four kinds of analysis reports and the editing of diagnostic information.

  • Supporting the report printout.

  • Supporting searches for user historical documents and "Save as..."operation for files.

  • Supporting multi-country languages.

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