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Meditech Central monitor system is a monitors network, can be networked to many kinds of monitors. It can collect, deal with ,analyze and output the information from the multi-monitors to realize concentrative monitor with much force of lightening the huge burden of doctors and improving the monitory work.



Meditech Central Monitoring System Software V3.0, the monitor assistant, has some functions below:

1.        Up to 64 bedside monitors connectable

2.        Display of holographic waveforms of the view bed of single bedside monitor; display of ECG,RESP,CO2,PLETH,IBP waveforms and so on.               

alarm manage: parameter alarm events for each bedside monitor; S-T segment alarm events; arrhythmia alarm events

3.        Alarm prompt modes :sound and light wave.

4.        Storage and review of 24-hour and 64-lead holographic waveforms 

5.        Storage and review of up to 240-hour trend data for each bedside monitor

6.         Storage and review of u to 720-item alarm events for each bedside monitor

7.        Review of five parameters and 6 minutes short trend for each bedside monitor

8.        All the review information will be stored under off-state

9.         Display of continuous multi-lead ECG and single-lead arrhythmia analysis for each bedside monitor.

10.         Trend records and alarm records can be output according to certain format.

11.        Patient information management: receive, cancel, input and educe

12.         10,000 history patient information management: inquire, scan, maintain.

13.       Central Monitoring System gather function: relying on the data transmission ,the system has the capability that in different position could simultaneously monitor the bedside monitors in the courtyard

14.        All-round system help information including operation guide of this system and bedside monitor.  

15.        Multi-language display interface

16.        Support screen (dual- screen display),laser printer, and sound output equipment

17.        Support keyboard and mouse input

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