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NIBP Module  
MD-IBP2 is a Small Board "in size" excellent reliability and ease of installation clinical monitoring of the accuracy;Comply with all NIBP standard of ANSI/AAMI


  • Small in size, simple, excellent reliability and ease of installation clinical monitoring of the accuracy;
  • Excellent reliability and accuracy of clinical monitoring
  • The latest digital signal processing technology to achieve anti-noise and software algorithms anti-interference by moving arm;
  • Capable of accomplishing all NIBP measurement items;
  • Comply with CE safety design;
  • Comply with all NIBP standard of ANSI/AAMI;
  • Applies to adults, children and Newborn;
  • 5V/12V single power supply to avoid interference with the digital circuit by the pump;
  • Fully compatible with the protocol of CAS Non-invasive blood pressure module (NIBP)

 MD-IBP2 is a Small Board

NIBP Pump.

1. folw>1.8L/MIN  2. pressure>500 mmHg 
3. life>50000times 
4. inflation time<10s in 500CC 5.noise<52dB 

 Our products is very useful,its  have advantage of long life ,low noise ,low energy consumption,also it

environmental,the detail information are as follow:

more Details:  Air pump fore Blood pressure   


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