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The Meditech Up-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor features large, easy to use one touch operating buttons with large color screen displays blood pressure and heart rate reading. 

It can accurately take systolic and diastolic pressure and heartbeat readings. Auto power off after 3 minute non-use. There are three user group and 99 memory storage for each group. USB connectivity and data analysis software let user down load all the measurement stored in the memory to computer. Included software can do trend graph, analytical diagrams, generate report and print. It can also add, edit note, users medical condition, drug usage and other information. This unit also features the unique oximeter probe connection USB port to measure blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) with an optional probe.Meditech Advanced Digital Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor with Analytical Software & Oximeter Port:

  • USB connectivity
  • With included software, you have unlimited memory space for long term study
  • mmHg and kPa selectable

  • Can measure blood oxygen saturation level with optional probe

Meditech Blood pressure Monitor

Echo Blood Pressure(BP) measure and monitor for adult,pediatric, and neonatal. It most stores 300 records of common user and 358 of ambulatory Blood Pressure data. Every record includes the detailed measure tim...

Advanced blood pressure with Oximetry,3 users data record and alarm setting, Meditech 06X have a large color screen, and come with PC software to Show trend graph, analytical diagrams Edit add notes to every pi...

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