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Touch screen 15 inch patient monitor 192-hour trend graph,1000 group of blood pressure list,ST segment measurements, arrhythmia analysis and more functions, Support up to 32 TCP/IP network connection,composed of a central information system..


  • Color TFT 15-inch 1024 * 678 resolution display, easy to observe
  • Touch screen operation, more efficient and convenient
  • Remote control operation
  • Comply with the YY0709 the alarm systemeye-catching sub-column independent warning lights can prompt to three sound and light alarm
  • Variety of styles of multi-lead ECG, large characters, breathing, oxygenationshort trend display interface
  • Pacing analysiscan be used simultaneously with pacemakers, defibrillators
  • 192-hour trend graph, waveform freeze1000 group of blood pressure list
  • ST segment measurements, arrhythmia analysis 
  • Alarmmulti-level pulse volume adjustable function; the parameter display colors can be adjusted according to user preferences
  • User information management functions, the input of patient information and identity management
  • External replaceable backup lithium battery for 120 min continues work
MD9015T Support:
  •  DC power input, and to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions
  • External recorder can print the recorded waveform, data and other information in real time
  • External the EtCO2 interfacecan be connected to the mainstream CO2 module, to facilitate the clinical needs
  • Drug concentration in titration calculations to support the event functions to customize and record
  • Up to 32 TCP / IP network connectioncomposed of a central information system

  • Wireless networking

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