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AED Portable Defibrillator with ECG monitor

Defi6 AED Portable Defibrillator 

Defi6 is a portable model, which can be equipped at home, in public places, or in the hospitals. Ití»s easy and convenient to use when give first-aid to patient. Meanwhile, it has the function of automatic analyzing patientí»s ECG data, and then takes corresponding defibrillation energy level according to patientí»s current situation, which has greatly improved success rate, and maximum reduced damage to patientí»s heart.

Defi6 AED Portable Defibrillator

 Defi6 Features

Three-step defibrillation process

Two-button operation

Extensive voice and visual prompts for the operator

Biphasic energy output

Lock-out protection to prevent inadvertent defibrillation

Continuous event recording for reporting each use to a printer or computer

Weekly self-test to ensure readiness

Color LCD screen

Adult and Pediatric defibrillation

CPR coaching(Optional)

 Defi6 AED Portable Defibrillator display

Defi6 AED Portable Defibrillator display

A:    Defibrillation counter

B:    SD card icon

C:    Pressure sensor icon

D:    Heart rate

E:    Date and time

F:    Battery

G:    System configuration menu

H:    Pressure sensor intensity bar

I:    User mode

J:    System status

K:    Pad status

L:    Filter status

M:    Ecg waveform area


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