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what is RFID vet ultrasound scanner

Recently,the serious food-borne public health crises such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy and tuberculosis have frequently appeared in the global scope and the powerful zoonosis such as high pathogenic avian influenza and nipah virus disease have reappeared and prevailed in some countries and regions,which seriously threaten the harmonious developments of human health and economic society.
Radio-frequency identification

It can read ear-tag automatically no mater it is full or half duplex communication (FDX or HDX). Furthermore there is no any limited to transfer all the data from the ultrasonic device to PC.The animal health and the problems of animal food safety have become the focus of high attention of various governments,food enterprises and consumers.

It is the latest type of intelligent animal ultrasonic device established by Meditech. This product is designed in accordance with international standards such as ISO11784 and ISO11785 for animal identification,the radio-frequency identification technology(RFID) is embedded into the animal ultrasonic device. Through the serial communication exchange,the device can freely read write the various animal electronic tags and analyze/arrange the data,and not subject to the country and geographical constraints. It meets the management requirements of control-ability and trace-ability for the whole production course of the animal foods,and becomes an indispensable scientific and effective modern tool for the modern livestock breeding and management.

Sonovet ID probe

Sonovet ID Animal tag of RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner

This application relates to animal tags for identifying animals.For example,tags for identifying livestock animals such as sheep,pigs,goats and cattle.It is desirable to tag animals so that each animal can be identified.This is particularly the case for livestock animals.It is a legal requirement in many countries,such as the UK,that livestock animals,for example,sheep,goats and cattle,are provided with a visible identification tag bearing a registration number.Portion where an identification or registration number can be written.

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