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WIFI ECG warkable with ipad iphone iOs

iCG Pro Provides the doctors a brand new approach to monitor and record ECG - through the air, and right in the hands.

all in your hand

iCG Pro connects to the ECG device manufactured by Meditech through WI FI or Bluetooth, reads heart beating data and shows on screen in real time.

Software features  
1. Real time monitoring
2. Record up to 1 minute ECG data
3. Auto measurement and interpretation
4. 5 different filtering functions to help purify the real ECG signal
5.Able to be stored in the Cloud
6. Easy sharing through email,and print it
7. Bar-code scan function to easily retrieve patient profile information
8. Patient management - all your patients are in one place
9. 12 x 1, 6 x 2 and 3 x 4 layouts
10. Cooperation with your team through the backed Cloud system


Simultaneous 12-Lead ECG

Automatic Measurements and Interpretations

Filters: Low Pass (different setting)

Baseline Wander

Motion Artifact

Report: Cloud print or PDF upload

ECG Recorder Specifications:

Sampling Rate:A/D: 24K SPS/Ch

You miss NOTHING

Recording: 1K SPS/Ch

Patient Multi-Channel Synchronous A/D.

Quantization Precision:

A/D: 24 Bit

Recording: 16 Bits

Resolution: 0.4V

Common Mode Rejection: >110 dB

Input Impedance : >20 M

Frequency Response: 0.05-250 Hz (3 dB)

Time Constant: 3.2 Sec

Maximum Electrode Potential: 300 mV DC

Dynamic Range: 15 mV

Defibrillation Protect : Built-in

Communication: WiFi

Power: 2 x AA Batteries

Professional ECG software

Meditech iCG

iCG ,Meditech WIFI ECG workable with iOs system

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