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Smart patient monitor healthcare

Health Monitoring Device
MD09X terminal devices include series products: an inter-graded multi-parameters monitor and individual parameter monitors. The inter-graded multi-parameters monitor with a smart size can simultaneously measure the ECG, Heart rate, Respiration, Blood pressure, SpO2 and Pulse rate. The individual parameter monitor can respectively measure the Blood pressure, Sp02 or the both. All the devices can communicate with other mobile terminals by energy-saving wireless Bluetooth 4.0.
 Meditech Smart Patient Monitor

Display Size:    2.4 inch TFT color dis-player. 

Resolution: 320*240

Display waveform:  2 channels waveform of ECG, respiration, blood pressure and SpO2 can be both displayed

ECG:     With the function of abnormal data store, daily data store and trend display 

NIBP:    Manual measurement. Automatically identify the adult and child. System can adjust the maximal pressure for adult and child. The

blood pressure waveform can be displayed in real-time

SpO2:     Anti-low per-fusion and motion artifact

Trend display:   Display the trend of ECG, blood pressure, SpO2, ST segments, premature and respiration in 96 hours

Alarm modes:   Visible alarming reminder and speaking voice alarming reminder

Working duration:  8 hours continuing monitoring

Wireless:    Bluetooth 4.0

E-Manual:   Embedded e-manual for self reading

Size:     7cm*7cm*2.6cm

Weight:    150g

Available usages:

Used for the monitoring and recording of the ECG, Heart rate, Respiration, blood pressure and SpO2. This device is suitable for the general sickroom in the hospital and personal health care.

Can NOT used for intensive care and operation room. 

Do NOT equip defibrillator proof function.

Optional :

bluetooth Portable printer

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