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Different Types of Meditech Ultrasound Scanner

Different Types of Ultrasound
The ultrasound that we have described so far presents a two dimensional image, or "slice," of a three dimensional object (fetus, organ). Two other types of ultrasound are currently in use, 3D ultrasound imaging and Doppler ultrasound.
3D Ultrasound Image
In the past two years, three-dimensional imaging of ultrasound machines has been developed. In these machines, several two-dimensional images are acquired by moving the probes across the body surface or rotating inserted probes. The two-dimensional scans are then combined by specialized computer software to form 3D images.

3D imaging allows you to get a better look at the organ being examined and is best used for:

Early detection of cancerous and benign tumors
Examining the prostate gland for early detection of tumors
Looking for masses in the colon and rectum
Detecting breast lesions for possible biopsies
Visualizing a fetus to assess its development, especially for observing abnormal Development of the face and limbs
Visualizing blood flow in various organs or a fetus


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