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Meditech patient Monitor Screen made by SHARP

General Information of Meditech patient Monitor Screen 

Manufacturer SHARP
Panel Size 12.1 inches
Panel Resolution 800 x 600 (SVGA)
Panel Type TFT
RoHS RoHS Compliance
Specific Feature High Color Gamut 
Antiglare Sureface 
180 Reverse 
Lamp Repaceable 
Lamp life = 50K hours

Weight in gram 660g (Max.)
Active Area 246.0184.5 mm (WH)
Aspect Ratio 4:3 (W:H)
Pixel Pitch 0.30750.3075 mm (WH)
Pixel Configuration RGB Vertical Stripe

Contrast Ratio 450 : 1 (Typ.) (Transmissive)
Color Gamut 72% 
CIE1931 Standard NTSC
Viewing Angle 70/70/50/60 (Typ.)(CR=10) (L/R/U/D)
Response Time 35 (Typ.)(Tr+Td); 10 (Typ.)(G to G) (ms)
White Variation 1.25 (Max.)(5 points) 
Luminance Variation = Maximum / Minimum

Total Power Consumption 7.0W (Typ.)

Vertical Frequency 60Hz

Backlight(Lamp) Information 
Lamp Current 3.0/6.0/7.0mA (Min./Typ./Max.)
Lamp Position Edge light type (Top side)
Lamp Replaceable Replaceable

Lamp Voltage 485/560V (Typ./Max.)

Signal Information of SHARP 
Interface Type Connector
Input Current for Panel 350/450mA (Typ./Max.)
Interface Brand JST
Interface Model BHR-02(8.0)VS-1N
Pin Configuration BLL-2PINS-HL 
H:Higt Voltage
N:No connection
L:Low Voltage

Signal Class LVDS (1 ch, 8-bit)

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