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OxyT plus  
The OxyTplus is the top-of-the range pulse oximeter / patient monitor with touch screen technology for ease of use, and SD card storage for recording oxygen SATS (saturation) and pulse rate. It is supplied with a suction mounting solution that enables the monitor to be fastened onto a desk or other hard surface. The mount makes it an ideal oximeter to attach to a bedside cabinet or a doctor's desk.

The touch-screen Windows-style menus are easy to operate and a stylus is built-in to the monitor so that you can use that if you prefer.

The full color monitor display shows a date graph and a trend table for reviewing the data.

It will also synchronize and upload data with PC based software using the supplied CD and cable.



  • Routine Check Mode and Continuous Monitoring Mode
  • Data Graph and Trend Table Review
  • Rich Analysis Report
  • Perfect Mount Solution with suction cup
  • Convenient operation by touch screen
  • Large SD card memory for more than 10,000 patient cases storage - 2.0Gb SD card included
  • Advanced analysis software for sleep study (Free with the oximeter)
  • Sync (OxySoft) with PC based Software (Windows XP and Windows Vista)

Performance Specifications

1.Display:  3.5" Color TFT
2.Resolution: 320x240
3.Display Mode:  Standard face, Waveform face, Display Direction adjustable  
4.Indicator:Power indicator light, Alarm sound, Pulse tone
5.Interface:One dual-purpose socket for connecting SPO2 sensors and communication cables
6.Power Supplied 5V, <200MA
7.Battery:Built-in Li-Polymer, 2 hours for charging, 8 hours for continuous working.
8. Trend Graph: Resolution from 1s, 5s, 10s. Maximum time 96 hours.
9. Trend Table: Resolution from 1s, 5s, 10s.  Review up to 2000 items.
10. Alarm: Adjustable High and Low limits. Three level audible and visual alarm

* Meditech Oximeter Software (OxySoftTM ) is a fingertip oximeter data management device, delivering remote management of algorithum, vital sign and software update capabilities. The meditech monitoring device allows patients, along with clinicians, to more easily monitor their vital signs. 

Meditech oximeters(Some models)  monitor the exchange of secure patient information transfer. Patients will be able to go about their daily activities and send data through the USB cable to the computer.

The developement of this product is vital to enhancing the tele-medicine market, which gives the benifit to collect data and promote noninvasive monitoring devices used in numerous medical settings around the world – including the hosptal medical clinics and EMS.

More details please click (OxySoftTM 


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