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Meditech fetal monitor used to detect FHR vibration in 

Meditech Fetal Heart Dopplers

real time through ultrasonic waves and

 extracts FHR through relevant algorithm on the beams reflected from the fetus`s heart. The LCD screen can be

 adjusted 90 degree from up to down, and revolved 350 degrees from lest to right. It its convenient for doctors to observe the screen from different angles while monitoring patients. 

It can show double heart rate in real-time, which is specially designed to detect twin babies.



BabySono Pocket Fetal Doppler is a portable and reliable fetal doppler that allows a mother-to-be listen to their unborn child's first heartbeats.

 Sonotech eXtra
SonoTech eXtra is a professional designed fetal Doppler, It applies one-button operation function, and the FHR value is shown on the LCD monitor. The frozen fun...


Light dexterous appearance fetal monitor, tops horizontally and walls can be hoisted ,8.0 inch screen color LCD display, rotatable screen to 60 deg monitor Disp...

With Large Screen Meditech developed fetal monitor MD901F ,Adopting advanced self-mutuality arithmetic, accurate and stable display, high anti-jamming,MD901F re...

 Sonotech M2

New developed Model of Sonotech M,with large screen and FHR wave form and Thermometer (C&F)

 Sonotech M
Fetal Doppler with Thermometer (C&F),High sensitive transducer, Accurate FHR with same advanced fetal monitor FHR algorithm,work with 2AA battery and Comes with...

 SonoTech Pro

Sonotech® pro is an advanced Fetal Doppler which can meet all the routine examination requirements of obstetricians. It follows a compact design, small in ...

 SonoTech Xpress
SonoTech Xpress is an advanced obstetrical fetal Doppler, It applies one-button operation function, and the FHR value is shown on the LCD monitor. The frozen fu...
 SonoTech Lite

SonoTech Lite is palm size obstetrical fetal heart rate doppler, which can be used in hospital, clinic and home for daily self-check by pregnant woman. It is a ...

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