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Meditech EKG308s is a 3 channel ECG machine. Single or 3 channel display can be adjustable manually. It offers real time measurement and presentation of the parameters. The USB interface and RS232 enable the data transfer to PC. The high efficiency Li battery can work continuously over 2 hours.


Advantages of Meditech EKG308s

  • 12-lead, 3-channel EKG
  • LCD Display
  • USB Connection as option
  • RS232 PC Connection as standard Configuration
  • Recording Paper:63mm*20ml 63mm*30m
  • Standard Accessories: Patient Cable(1 pc), Chest Electrodes(6 pcs), Thermal Paper(1pc), Rechargeable Battery (1pc)
  • Gross weight:4.5kg
  • Net weight:3.5kg
  • Unit size:300*230*61mm
  • Packing size:375*295*195mm

Features of Meditech EKG 308s

  • Simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, IEC Class I, safety standard Leads:  type CF
  • Manual: single channel or three
        Auto I:  standard three channel
        Auto II:  standard single channel plus rhythm lead
        Auto III: European three channel
  • Measurement/interpretation and distinguish point printing function under auto mode operation 
  • Filters: AC, EMG, DFT
  • Real-time clock, real-time measurement and presenting of ECG parameter
  • LCD display of operation menu, AMP menu and parameter setting
  • Battery: high-efficiency lithium battery, at least 2 hours' working time
  • Function of heart rate detection and protection against pulse shock while pacemaker applied
  • Power: 220V/110V ( + 10%), 50/60Hz selectable
  • USB interface and RS232 ensures convey of ECG data
  • Option:  ECG Software For net-working capacity


    Patient cable


    Limb Electrode


    Chest Electrode


    Power Cable


    Ground Wire


    Thermal Paper


    Cross Screw Driver




    RS232 Cable


    USB Cable


    software CD



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