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Holter ECG Smallest in Size, Perfect in Performance,excellent technical characteristics,HeartRec elaborately designed to ensure the best possible experience for the patient and the user.

It is advanced HOLTER. sophisticated software system and elaborate HOLTER recorder, Heartrec as an integrate system combines both 3-channel and 12-lead recording and analyzing in one, meets all high-end performance and fiscal responsibility.


HeartRec Holter Monitoring System from Meditech


  • Channels: Two Work Modes

12-lead / 3-Channel Switchable by Changing Patient Cable 10-Wire Cable: 12-Lead: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1 - V6 5-Wire or 7-Wire: 

Two models Avalable: 03 Channel

                                          12 Channel

  • Program able Recording:

Time: 24h-72h,12 channel

up to 7 days for 3 Channel

Sampling Rate: 1281024/ch/s up to 10,000/ch/s Resolution: 12-16 bits

Independent Pace Maker Channel

  • LCD Display:

Real Time ECG View

Instruction Programming Multi-Language Selectable

  • High Quality Recording:

Frequency Response: 0.05~60Hz CMMR: >80dB

Input Impedance: >5M

  •  Double Work Modes in Data Access:

Removable SD Card: 512MB/1GB/ 2GB USB connector

  • Low Power Consumption:

One AAA Battery: up to 7 days for 3-Channel

  • Compact Size & Light Weight:

72mm53mm16mm (2.8"2.0"0.63") 

48g (1.7oz.), battery not included


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