Medical sensor module

Currently, a large percentage of Meditech business is performed
for the healthcare market – assembling everything from patient
heart monitors to cancer diagnostic devices. We thoroughly
understand the critical nature of the medical industry, and provide
thorough documentation with traceability to all of our medical
customers, ensuring the medical PCB assembly will exceed
manufacturing requirements and customer satisfaction demands. 
Medical PCB Assembly Due to our continued growth in the medical
and bio-medical markets, Meditech has invested in certifications
that are necessary for circuit board assembly manufacturing. We
are ISO13485:2003 certified and compliant to FDA CRF820 part 21,
guaranteeing that we meet the necessary requirements for medical
PCB assembly. 
Our software management system, Cogiscan’s Track, Trace and
Control (TTC) System, that is used in our production floor is
incredibly beneficial to our medical PCB assembly customers. This
system allows us to provide detailed traceability, all the way to the
reference designator, on enrolled products. Additionally, the TTC
Program further illustrates our commitment to transparency and
our emphasis on full traceability. 
We would genuinely love the opportunity to assist in building your
medical product – please contact us to learn more about our
healthcare services.